oak wilt information.

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    In 2005 we had a pretty severe drought, I lost my willow, managed to pull my 3 year old (well since I bought them in 5 gallon pots) live oak and red oak trees through. And in early 2006 some of the leaves on that red oak looked a little funny, but it was just one limb, so I cut it off and applied pruning paint. I googled oak wilt but couldn't find good images of an infected tree BEFORE it is dead.

    So I have had a nominally contagious red oak, 30 feet from my vulnerable live oak, ever since. Just in case anyone wants to know what oak wilt looks like, Pics: oak_wilt_closeup.jpg red_oak_wilt8_25_12.jpg

    My tree trimming helper no-showed last weekend, so my chainsaw and I are going to handle this, while it is hot and we are not in primo fungus transmission stage..

    Now how did I catch oak wilt out here in the prairie? One of my neighbors runs a tree service and brings home truckloads and truckloads of chopped up trees. I will NOT be buying a replacement shumardi red oak, they are too vulnerable. And if I lose my live oak, at least the white oak I started from seed by the organic garden looks healthy, and can't get this fungus.

    Just a FYI (postponing the heat outside, lol)