Odd egg pattern

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    background- at the end of least summer I thought my hive was and doomed and queen less. I left them all of their honey stores and prepped the hive for overwinter. The winter was relentless! Wet and cold and oh so long.
    I went in to the hive to inspect today and found a surprising amount of bees to my delight! I found the bottom box to be empty aside from a small amount of capped honey and a bit of pollen and the very clean drawn comb that once contained the small amount of brood that was in the hive at the end of last summer.
    The top box had 7 frames of brood! The pattern was uniform and lovely .... Until I noticed that along the very outermost edge of each brood rainbow there were many cells with more than one egg in them.
    I've seen a queen less hive with multiple eggs in cells, but it was sporadic and obvious that the eggs were laid by a worker as they lay off center or on the cell walls. This hive has a good, strong brood patten, well placed pollen and honey stores and appears healthy all around. What's the deal?
    The only other note I made about the hive was that the drone population was mighty low.
    Any thoughts??