Offered my first bee removal today

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    A friend gave me a number his pest control agent had given him of a group of bees that a customer wanted removed. He thought the bees were a swarm but I found out different.

    The bees are underneath a house. The "hive" is 40 to 50 feet away from the door of the crawlspace with a crawlspace of about 2 to 2.5 feet between the floor joist and the ground.

    The homeowner told me they had been there 2 or 3 years that he knew about. He said he was content with the bees being there for the good they done his garden etc but his grandchildren had started getting stung more and more so the bees have to go.

    The comb looked to be 3 or 4 feet long and 2 feet deep between the last two floor joist and the concrete block foundation the house was built on.

    He didn't want me to go in through the floor above the bees but wanted them removed by someone crawling under the house. He said 2 other local beekeepers had tried and gave up he thought because of the stings they got while trying.

    It was too difficult a job for me and I had to turn it down. Later, I talked with an experienced beekeeper at work and he agreed the floor entry method would be the best and probably the only way to approach the bees.

    I would have liked to save the bees but just couldn't do it. I'm afraid they are doomed to be exterminated.
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    that would be a very difficult one to cut out even for an experienced keep. Have you thought about doing a trap out on them? You would have to be sure the crawl space was sealed up so they could not find another entry/exit hole.

    That wold be a grand trap out, you could monitor the inside of the hive also by crawling back to it after a couple of weeks. Might even be able to cut them out after doing a trap out for a couple of weeks, the mature foragers would be gone and mostly house bees and nurse bees left.

    Just thinking out loud.