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What do you think of the new design?

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Official "What do you think of the new design" Poll

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This is it, the official poll. Let me know what you think.
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I didn't vote since no one choice fits me. I like the look and feel, but despise the embedded advertising. Just my 2¢
No vote here, either. More than just the ads need modification.
My .03........Inflation, ya know? ;)
As with many's not what it is changed too, it's the change itself. I'm sure with time it will be just the way it is. I do like the color scheme. I do not like the advertisement in the middle of the thread. I can see the site evolving and growing. Great Job!
>>>>As with many's not what it is changed too, it's the change itself.<<<<

Agreed, 100%. Change is seldom accepted gracefully. Keep the switch button at the top and I think everything will sort itself out with time and a few minor adjustments.
49 views and only 2 votes, very depressing :)

I also agree about "change", it's not in our nature to accept change easily but I think the additions to the forum will help to set us apart from the major boards and help give us our own name, and with the addition of the second theme I think we're in a better position to help our members have the best experience possible.

As for the in line advertising, I understand your dislike, it's not my favorite either but the reality is that their are costs involved in running a forum. I tried to make the ads as low impact as possible with only text and no picture ads (that to me is very intrusive). It is my hope that as we grow in popularity the ads can be completely removed for registered users.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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