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    As most of you know I have about revived from my Tornado hive damage !

    Was able to save two of my hives, and the end of May got 4 nucs, all of which are doing good.

    Last Friday evening, I split the two hives, taking 6 brood frames and nurse bees from each makeing 2, 10 frame nucs./box's.
    Monday morning placed bred caged queen in each, today after checking queens released.

    Every thing all hunky-dorey !

    My neighbor just called he has 1 hive, had it for years, don't want any more, however this year he want's too pull 4 frames of brood and nurse bees, asked me if I want them ?

    I don't want any more hives, but would it be too early, with newly released queens to place 2 extra frames of brood & nurse bees in with them ?