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Old equipment

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I was going to post this under the "comb rotation" thread in the organic forum, but thought maybe it would be better here.

So what is the oldest piece of equipment you have (in -use) or know of?

Last year, I had a couple beekeepers come by to pick up a nuc. The frames inside the old equipment were at least 65 years old. How do I know this?

Because the foundation was made of tin. They used to make foundation out of tin, when they could not use beeswax during WWII. They used all the beeswax they could for the war effort. So they stamped cheap tin (It may of been another type metal...I'm not sure) and that what was sold for a few years back in the 40's. That is what I've been told.

Now that is some comb in need of changing out... ;) (Which they did after I told them what they had) An old beekeeper gave them these old frames as he was cleeaning out his barn.
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Geez, and I thought the brittle, thin sheets of plastic foundation in "my" abandoned hive were old!
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