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    Last April when I joined the forum I met Iddee a few days later in mini chat,we chatted for a bit ,and then after mentioning I liked to deer hunt he sent me a pic of the farm and said come up any time we have plenty of deer here to hunt.Well I finally had a chance to break away to do so,and my long time friend "Rib Bones" after joining last month got the same invite we decided to take the trip.I asked Iddee if there was anything he'd like up to bring that he couldn't get up there,and he said maybe some gator meat and orange blossom honey,but don't spend any money on it.well we couldn't get it for free ,but I cashed in a few favors and managed to get him 10 lbs. of gator meat and a gallon of orange blossom honey.We left last Wed.(9/14) drove the 650 miles to see Iddee,we stopped in Florence S.C. because we like most old guys got tired,and we had 3 hrs. more to go in the morning.
    We finally arrived around 10 am,and when we pulled in to his driveway there he was,wearing a print shirt covered in bees(we think he looks like that all the time without the shirt :lol: )that his wife had made for him.We talked for a bit ,and then we followed him over to where he insisted we stay and not pay to stay in a motel.We got to a mobile home that Iddee uses for his for most his beekeeping work,which we nicknamed "The Honey House Suite"It was cozy with all the comforts of home and even had a computer for Rib and I to keep up on our emails and of course the The Beekeeping Forums. After we unpacked it was off to Iddees son's farm where the deer were.
    What a great view from the top of the hill at the farm house,just like the pic Iddee showed us only prettier.After taking a tour around the farm to show us where we could hunt,we went back up to the farm house to meet Iddees son.I can only go by the saying the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree,because Larry was just as friendly as Iddee and gave us a warm welcome.
    We hunted hard every day despite mother nature not cooperating,with high winds,rain,and we didn't see the sun the entire time we were there.I managed to get off one shot with the crossbow ,but it was right at my range limit(probably a little over)and didn't get the deer.Rib Bones" wasn't as lucky because he never saw a one.Not be successful with the deer hunting didn't matter,because Iddee showered us with warm hospitality the entire time we were there,which was worth the trip just to enjoy that.Upon leaving Iddee told us to come over to his house to say our farewells,and he made sure we weren't going back empty handed,because he completely filled our large cooler with venison all packed up and vacuum sealed,along with of course several varietals of honey local honey,blueberry syrup,and grape jelly his wife( who by the way a very nice person to meet) canned,made from his grape vines in the backyard.

    What a great trip Rib Bones and I had,thanks Iddee and family for inviting us up,and for the more than gracious hospitality,it was a trip we'll never forget!!!!
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    I had the chance to visit with Wally this past December. We made several hunts had great camaraderie. He is a good ole boy that knows bees and a lot of other stuff.

    How about that outdoor water heater, pretty cool huh?

    His wife and family are extremely gracious people. I call the girls "the assembly line!" they sure know how to bone and pack out a bunch of venison.

    I had a chance at a doe but my gun fouled on me, oh well, that's hunting.

    I too came back with lots of venison and jellies and syrups.

    Thanks again Iddee!