Overwintering Nucs

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by d.magnitude, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I'm going to try to overwinter up to 20 nucs this season, and I figured now is an appropriate enough time to start the discussion.

    I have a number of plywood nucs (mostly screened bottoms), and matching 5-frame bottomless "supers" for them. I was thinking of trying to build my nucs up to a 5-on-5 configuration by winter; top box mostly honey. Then I would push all of these units together side-by-side, and probably even stack them (5-on-5 nuc on top of another 5-on-5 nuc, facing opposite directions).

    I may slap a little insulation on the top (and always leaving some top ventilation).

    I just wanted to run that idea by the board for troubleshooting, and to hear others' tips and experiences. If I can bring any fraction of them through the winter, I'll be thrilled.