picher oklahoma epa superfund site

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    I drove thru picher oklahoma ,cardine oklahoma ,and treece kansas on way home from arkansas. picher is a modern day ghost town only about 3 houses of people left holding out and the drug store who refuses to leave until the last person leaves. picher graduated its last class a couple years ago the government bought out all the property in these towns of people that would sell. the area is contaminated with lead and zinc from the mines. 50 percent of the lead used in ww1 came from this area. Picher was features on the history channel show Life after people. I drove around the town of asphalt streets with all the over growth and the abandoned houses that it looks like the people just got in the cars and left. I didnt see a ghost town I saw a town of broken dreams and cant imagine what it was like for these people to pull up there roots and leave. In a few years the people that was born and raised there will no longer have a home town to come back to. It sad thing to see. They say this is the largest epa superfund site in the US. There are chat piles of flint rock encircle the town from the mines all contaminated with lead.
    I have been told they are using it for asphalt road construction but if thats the case it will be many many years before it is gone. :(