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picking up a swarm with tornado warning

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I went the other night to pick up a swarm in a near by town that was under a tornado warning. The bees was in a small maple sapling that was bent clear to the ground from the weight of the bees. Light rain was comming down mixed with pea sized hail. and moderate to light winds. I put the nuc box under them and the lid over the top to help shelter them until they got in the box. They was a little on the defensive side due to it was getting late and it was storming. When Imentioned it to the land owner that the girls where not happy he. Suprised me by saying " could it be that I was wacking them with a stick earlier in the day trying to get them to move on." Made me want to wack him with the stick and ask him what it did for his attitude on a cloudy day. :mrgreen:
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Iddee said:
There's some real smart ones in our midst. I picked up a swarm today. Took me three shakes to get them to stay in the box. All the time, the neighbor was walking amongst the bees, telling me in detail how deathly allergic he was.
Isnt that the truth I wish I had a $1.00 for everyone that has told me they was deathly allergic to a bee sting. I would be living in the Islands. :D The question I usually ask them after hearing the above is Where is your epi- pen. Out of all of them only 2 that I can remember actually had epi pens and over 75 % that didnt didnt know what a epi pen was :lol:
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