Planting for your bees?

Discussion in 'General Gardening' started by Gypsi, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Since there isn't room for another tree or bush on my property, and it finally rained here, I put out a lot of wildflower seed on my property, areas formerly grass were cleared for it.

    Last year I put out $50 worth of wildflower seed in prospective outyard and adjacent wild property but with no spring rains nothing germinated. This year I spent less and put seed where I could keep it watered.

    I also put inoculated dutch clover seed in my front yard where I can keep it watered and it won't be overrun by my dogs.

    What ya planting?
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    I started a bunch of butterfly bush seed, ill have to see how they grow, hopefully they get big enough to put outside..