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Good morning out there in bee land -

I know I have seen a pollen pattie recipie here somewhere - does someone have one they could post again? Also I am hoping to get into my bees tomorrow after school (maybe high 40's - don't know) and I wanted to put a pollen pattie on them - could I also put some dry sugar on them and take off my inner feeders = for now till the weather warms up?

If I can get a pollen pattie on them - how long do they usually last and how often do I feed them?

We are still having below normal temps here in northern Arkansas and it's been impossible to even get a day that we beekeepers here in this part of the state can do even minor adjustments to the hives. This has been a hard and cold winter - we could have had the Olympics right here in Arkansas!

Thanks for your wonderful advise!
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