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Pollen sub out yet?

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I had some pollen sub out in a feeder, well protected from rain, starting in the dearth of summer. Noticed about 10 days ago that one of my hives was hitting it pretty good. Now I feed a homemade fondant that I add pollen sub to, but there isn't anything in Bloom in North Texas after a hard freeze. Refilled the feeder yesterday. I took a video of them buzzing in and out, but I also shot a still photo:

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Gee it worked, and I didn't resize the image or anything. Cool!


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I know people read this forum because there are 4 people viewing it right now. Come on out, show yourselves and post something? please?
I put out pollen sub this fall, they never touched it in 3 different yards. All beekeeping is local I guess.
I put mine out in the fall, they hit it 2 weeks ago. Fortunately we didn't get much rain and the seal on my pollen sub feeder didn't blow out until AFTER they emptied it twice. Wet pollen sub reeks of dead rat or something, just awful. cleaned up and siliconed yesterday, the bees are in cluster.
Mine never touched the pollen sub I had out... 3 different yards
might be too early. Mine only take it until the elm tree blooms, then they go for elm pollen
Mine was available to them until the first snow:)
mine don't take it in the fall, but I'd better get the feeder back out by tomorrow morning. The caulk had given up, water got in and wet pollen sub STINKS. I cleaned it up and redid with silicone a couple of days ago. The elm isn't blooming yet.
I only put it out because we're in a severe drought and I wasn't sure that there was good pollen out there. Nevertheless the bees ignored it. They never do in the spring.
Do they take it in the spring at all?
Mine are all over it in the spring.
Mine are now. (my spring comes a wee bit earlier)
Spring is a distant hope here
I planted onions, broccoli and swiss chard seed last weekend.
Ground is frozen here. But I wouldn't like your summers
I don't like my summers
Here in Ohio,it is still pretty cold but warmer days are trending in the next couple of weeks. Is it still to early to put out a pollen feeder for the bees or should I wait until the warmer weather is more steady and predictable ?
If you have a feeder that protects it from moisture I'd put it out on a sunny day and see if they go to it.
If you have a feeder that protects it from moisture I'd put it out on a sunny day and see if they go to it.
Yep. After going back to the top of this topic,I see that my Pollen feeder is just like yours. A friend made it for me for a Christmas gift.
How far off are your 60° days without any freezing overnight?
I think I would try to gauge pollen patty application for ~30 days prior to that time.
Once pollen is applied population should be monitored regularly to avoid overcrowding.
Have frames and boxes ready for if/when the population jumps.

A weak colony I would already have a patty on (I do). Bee careful some colonies are just slow starters! :^)
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