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I Pulled Honey from 2 queen hive so I could start treatment for mite control. In the spring there was one hive with 5 frames of brood and 8 frames of bees when I took them in for cheery pollination around 5th of May. On about the 20th I split the hive and put the queen in the bottom super with mostly open brood, she had 8 frames of brood and 10 frames of bees plus all the returning foragers. on top I placed an empty brood box with drawn frames.
The top super that had about 7 frames with mostly capped brood in it and 3 of honey and pollen and 10 Frames of bees. This I split into three nucs using boughten mated queens one was left in the brood chamber with 4 frames of brood and 1 frame of honey and the bees on the frames.
The next was hived in a nuc box with 1 1/2 frames of brood and 1/2 frame of honey and pollen with bees, and 2 drawn empty combs. The last was made with 1 frame of brood and 1 frame of honey with bees and 2 drawn empty combs.
I brought the nucs home so checking the queens for being released and laying would be more convenient. In early June I took the hives back to the dairy farm at night placed the double and single 5 frame nuc on the hive stands and placed the 2 frame nuc in the nuc box on top of the 5 frame nuc with the entrance facing the opposite direction.
The second week of June I returned and placed 2 honey suppers on the hive with the double brood supers. On the single with the 2frame nuc sitting on top witch has grown to 4 frames I moved into a full super with drawn frames. The hive was made starting at the bottom the single brood chamber now full of bees and brood, a queen excluder 2 shallow honey suppers, a sheet of news paper, a queen excluder the 4 frame nuc in the standard super, another queen excluder 1 more dadant super and an inner cover wirh the top entrance out the back side of the hive. Supered again the 1st of August.

Took the top queen unit and put it on its own bottom board with the entrance out the back from the bottom unit. Placed Dadant supers under the brood boxes for the bees to congregate and so they can plug the brood chamber with stores for winter

The other 1 frame of brood nuc is in the back yard, single brood super with queen excluder and 2 Dadant supers 1 full and caped the other 80 % full and caped Plus 2 full deep frames pulled from the brood chambers and replaced by empty drawn comb.Will pull honey from it tomorrow and start mite treatment.
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