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Putting hives out in a pasture: Good idea, bad idea?

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How aggressive can cattle get toward bee hives? Aggressive is the wrong word, I suppose. All the cows want is a sharp edge to scratch themselves on. Should I invest in a fence? And if I don't, will my heart be broken (seeing hive bodies knocked over)?
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Cattle will definitely have a field day with your hives trying to scratch themselves, at least until they get stung enough. By then you won't have much for hives left.
I have had them in the pastures before and it would be ise to invest in a little fence. It does not take much to keep them out, or at least my cattle.
Three strands of barb wire works good for me, be sure to put a gate or gap in for yourself. Fence in a lager than you need area because you will need it in the future.

it depends. don't it always?

most of my hives are situated in cattle pastures (with some located in a place or so with truely unruly cattle). when I place hives on pipe stands sometimes a problem will develope if the hive is light (tips easily). not so much a problem when I place hives on pallets (wood on wood don't slide so easily).

actually in regards to casualty numbers I have experience greater loss from extremely high winds than from livestock. this loss record clearly follows the pipe stand/wood pallet circumstance of the particular hive.
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