Queen losses

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by rast, Mar 26, 2011.

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    It sure is seeming like a bad spring for me. Honey production is terrible, too dry. Once again, location.
    Today is the 4th affirmed queen loss. A swarm that I got last fall, which moved into some antique boxes and comb, (2 of Keith's old stuff IDDEE, I was asked to get em)) grew like gangbusters. I even told my wife they looked like bird shot out of a 12 gauge in the mornings. Started filling a super, then quit. On my early am bottom board inspection last Sat., I found what looked like a dead queen, just small. I went into part of it today and sure enough, about 6 supersedure cells. All open. No brood or larva in what I pulled apart. The middle box, frames started to break in the bottom box. Hopefully there is a mated young queen in there that will show me some larva by next weekend. One thing that gives me hope is that the bees were not overly aggressive as they normally are when queenless and no laying workers.