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Question about Beetle Buster Bottom Boards

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I had four strong hives going into this winter. Three had the beetle buster bottom boards. I treated all four hives for mites prior to winter and the three with the beetle busters are now dead. I treated with Oxalic acid vaporization with a heated wand. On the beetle buster hives, I made a metal sheet to replace the diatomaceous earth board and put the wand on this sheet, below the corrugated sheet. I am wondering if maybe the holes in the corrugated sheet did not allow enough vapor to get into the hive to kill the mites. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I have a Varrox wand that I used one time and boxed it back up after I heard of people burning their hives and bees. I then bought a Lorobbees vaporizer so I can go in from behind the hive through a 1/4 inch hole. I have never let loose with the OA under a screened bottom board. I am not familiar with the bottom board you mention.
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I used my varrox wand many times, I'd just have 2 or 3 bees trying to run out the front door over it on each use, and the smell of burning bee is not good, tried a slot under the SBB from the back, where my sticky board went in, and was worried about it crystalizing on the screen. Had a spacer made with an opening slot to fit the varrox and go in from the back above the sbb that opening was hard to plug. Saw the primer can trick on another site, and made a 5/16 injection adapter, drilled a hole in the back bottom of the bottom box, and I just love how it worked. JB weld beats high temp silicone hands down btw. will post a pic later, foundation crew here, dog whining, and I think I will have to take the pic
Got to take care of that puppy!
He'll be back. He took his Kodak film into the drug store to get developed.:D
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That's pretty clever.
My kind of cooking.
I always hated the thought of Yogurt but now I like it as long as I get the stuff with the fruit in it, like peaches and apples or berries. I take it at night along with my Eliquist since the pill is hard on the stomach. I have A-Fib so I have to take the blood thinner.
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Humm,I may try that. I love sour cream.
what thread did we start about muzzle loaders?.
When did we do that? lol
we were discussing the crud ring..I picked up a new knight vision muzzle loader, they are liquidating them for cheap..$199.00 normally $399.00..they have a good right up and quality green mountain barrels..with a guaranteed moa out to 200 yards..
Very good price. I have the T/C Pro Hunter FX 209x50 Magnum inline. It's one heck of an accurate rifle.
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