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Hello everyone. I am not completly new to bee keeping. My uncle passed away back in 1991. Prior to this I help him for several years. We had always produced comb honey. He was I htink 83 when he died. He kept bees since he was 12. About 50-75 yards from the house he had 70 hives at one time while farming.Also most all his hives he used only one super. He only had a handful with two supers.All the hives produced several supers a year. We had about 20 when I helped him and about a dozen more in othe places. My father also helped him when I was away. My father continued keeping Approx 3-6 hive at the farm. I lost my father August 4.2008 We have not kept bees for about 7 years. The couple my father had died a few years back when large numbers of honey bees died. THese hive were burned. He had never had time to pick the other two up. I will burn them. I was going to start a couple hives possible next summer if I get things completed at the farm. I have a large number of bee boxes. I have about 10 comb supers ready to go on a hive. I only have mabye 6-10 hive bodies and probably easily over 50 supers. I got stacks of them in the building. The boxes are all clean. I wanted to know about possible making sure they are clean and dises free. I know we never put any in storage in the building wher a hiave died off, we always burned them. Can deseases saty in an empty stored box ? I am not afraid ti use any equipment in storage as I know they are clean boxes. But I was wondering if I should clean prior to installing a new colnoy ?
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