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Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by beebuzzed, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Okay, so I came out of winter with 1 hive queenless. I have made the mistake of not ordering a queen immediately and instead placed 2 frames of properly aged eggs from another hive for making a new queen. I then waited a week and checked for queen cells and there was none. I then placed one more frame in there and checked again a few days later. This time there was a queen cell made, but it doesn't look the best. upon further investigating I found I was too late. There were now a few frames full of drone brood. So I am aware of the painstaking method of shaking them all out a couple hundred yards away and requeening. My problem is that I don't have a good area close enough without getting too far away. I don't think any of my neighbors would appreciate dumping bees out in their yards. So with that said, I am curious if anyone has tried to combine a "laying worker" hive with a "queen right" hive separating them with newspaper to start? My hope is that they would merge well, then in a couple weeks do a split and add a new queen. Any thoughts?
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    I have and I failed. half a mile away at midnight. as long as it isn't cold where you are.