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Quick and Label-Free Detection for Coumaphos by Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Biochip
Coumaphos is a common organophosphorus pesticide used in agricultural products. It is harmful to human health and has a strictly stipulated maximum residue limit (MRL) on fruits and vegetables. Currently existing methods for detection are complex in execution, require expensive tools and are time consuming and labor intensive. The surface plasmon resonance method has been widely used in biomedicine and many other fields. This study discusses a detection method based on surface plasmon resonance in organophosphorus pesticide residues. As an alternative solution, this study proposes a method to detect Coumaphos. The method, which is based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and immune reaction, belongs to the suppression method. A group of samples of Coumaphos was detected by this method. The concentrations of Coumaphos in the samples were 0 µg/L, 50 µg/L, 100 µg/L, 300 µg/L, 500 µg/L, 1000 µg/L, 3000 µg/L and 5000 µg/L, respectively. Through detecting a group of samples, the process of kinetic reactions was analyzed and the corresponding standard curve was obtained. The sensibility is less than 25 µg/L, conforming to the standard of the MRL of Coumaphos stipulated by China. This method is label-free, using an unpurified single antibody only and can continuously test at least 80 groups of samples continuously. It has high sensitivity and specificity. The required equipments are simple, environmental friendly and easy to control. So this method is promised for a large number of samples quick detection on spot and for application prospects.
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