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Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by Bee_Fluff, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Does the powdered sugar method work for controlling varroa mites? I think it's a nice and safe way of doing so.

    Brood boxes and super boxes are the same, aren't they? You can use a brood box as a super and vice versa.
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    Powdered sugar treatments certainly cause some increased mite fall. Best evidence for that is that a standard method of assessing mite infestation is the sugar shake method. It will get some or even most of the mites off the bees that get covered in powdered sugar.

    So first problem is getting good coverage on the bees. Second problem is the mites are not harmed, so unless they fall out of the hive through a screened bottom board, they may well get back on another bee later. Final problem, that affects most other treatments as well, is the mites developing on the capped brood are protected by the cappings.

    Yes on the boxes/supers, use whatever you want where ever you want. One important aspect of that decision is the weight of each size. Even a medium depth 10 frame super full of honey is pretty heavy.
    A 10 frame deep full of brood is heavy enough, but full of honey it is intimidating! And it is always stuck to whatever is below it by propolis even if you have just pried it up with your hive tool a few seconds before!