rat and the earless baby

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    When the rat was just a young boy our neighbor had a new baby boy. The only problem is that the baby didn't have any ears. Everyone who comes to see the baby compliments the neighbor on his looks, but no one mentions the fact that ihe doesn't have any ears. then one day ole rat went to visit and see the little guy. the neighbor knowing how I am was a little apprehensive about letting me see the baby When she finally let me in I made compliments about the baby on everything without mentioning its' ears. Then I couldnt hold it any longer and finally said, "He has beautiful eyes, does he have 20/20 vision?" the neighbor said "Im sure his vision is fine why would you ask" I had to answer, "Well, it's a good thing because if he didn't, he wouldn't have a darn thing to hang his glasses on now would he?"