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Real exciting

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I had just got about 20 yards past the last hive when the yoke decided to come off the gearbox on my bushhog :eek: . Its a pullbehind so there is nothing between me and a flailing driveshaft. One glance back, knocked the pto out of gear and tried to get my head under the steering wheel. Sure can make a lot of racket.
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BTDT....No fun at all.

Also, crossing a creek, going out the other side, bailed off the tractor when the front reared up. Tire spinning, front end pointing straight up, bush hog the only thing stopping it from going over. No fun stepping in front of the rear wheel, not knowing if it were going to grab traction, to get to the clutch and pull it down with my hand. Then reach for the gearshift with the other hand.
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