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Hi there,

I'd like to share with all of you this innovation of mine. I hope it might be useful, please feel absolutelly free to use this in your personal projects! Any comments are welcome.

I'm currently working on a project that is going to pop-up shortly. If you don't mind I'll inform you for this project as well when it's ready. Thank you!

Best Regards
Vasil Vasilev
Sofia, Bulgaria

--- outline ---
The innovation is related to automatics, telematics, and implements in the beekeeping area. The goal of the system is to ensure that the bee hive colony closes up simultaneously, in multiple bee hives, during periods of poison hazard without the aid of manual activities. Using a rectangular frame fixed to the immediate front panel of the hive and a mobile door moved by an electrical motor, the system provides the bee hive colony with isolation into the hive. A local controller handles the process at the hive level. A central controller provides central communication between the multiple local hive controllers and operator. The telematics system controls the group-level process on an unlimited number of hives, thus significantly increasing the beekeeper’s work efficiency, when there are numerous hives. The system protects the bee colonies by aiding them in closing up whenever necessary. This way, the system contributes towards preventing bee extinction.

--- full text ---
Please find the pdf file attached


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neat idea. but putting a sheet or tarp over the hive keeps woodware from acquiring poison on its surface
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