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Hi everyone,
Me and my partner keep bees and we have recently been put in contact with a woman who wants a colony removing from under the plaster board in a dormer in her attic. The hive has been there 6 years but she has just moved in and wants them gone.
We are fairly inexperienced beekeepers (4 years of varying intensity and currently 11 colonies), we have never removed a hive like this but we are keen for the experience and wonder if these bees could be a good addition to our apiary and they seem disease resistant. A more experienced beekeeper went with her thermal imaging camera and suggested the colony is a very large one and has detected where the bulk of the bees are currently. If we don’t remove them the owner will have pest control in, and so we are strongly considering doing the job, but have a few questions for more experienced people than us:
QUESTION: WHEN TO DO IT? Should we be waiting till the colony has brood before attempting to remove them, due to risk of losing the queen in the process? The site is coastal north wales and has very mild weather and the bees are black in colour, so they could have brood already but we might need to wait for spring to properly start.
QUESTION: HOW TO DO IT? So far we are thinking of putting together a bee vac as seen in some youtube videos, taking the plasterboard away and vacuuming them. Do any more experienced beekeepers have any advice/reflections from personal experience or resources to point us to that could help us know the right method to do this.
Thank you,
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