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I hope the bees are ok, I was out doing pond work and just found this post. Removing a colony from under plaster board in mild weather isn't incredibly bad if it is sheetrock plaster board. I am not sure how hard it would be on old fashioned wood with plaster board. When the weather is mild, taking boxes and empty frames to rubberband comb into, plastic to separate the hallway from the area you are working, and doing it from the interior making the job safer (you won't fall off the roof). Take plenty of boxes, frames, rubberbands and help, to remove the boxes to a truck waiting. Have your apiary ready to receive. Stand set up, use entrance reducers after they are set up, screen and staple after they start and FINISH marching into the box where they know their queen is. You will want a lot of screening, plenty of staples, good staple gun, I wrap hive boxes in old sheets to shade them but I am in Texas. It's hot here. when it's not freezing. We have a whole forum on bee removals and I encourage you to read every post. Also plan on a smoker and do use it but don't use it much in an enclosed space. without seeing pictures I can't advise much more. You can wait for spring to start but that colony is going to get larger when it does.

Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs Lots of good stuff here. I quit doing removals in fall 2018 after a fall (totally not related to bees, but no more ladders for me)
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