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Take a shoulder pork roast and I use a rotisserie to cook it with,
prepare a wash for the pork as follows:
olive oil about 4 oz
peanut oil 4 oz
lemon juice one lemon
paprikka 2 oz
seasoned salt 2 oz
salt & papper to taste
fresh oregano 2 oz
crushed and minced garlic 3 - 5 cloves additionally 3 - 4 more whole cloves
fresh dill about 4 oz
red wine vinegar 2 oz
fresh rosemary chopped finely about 4 oz
in a deep bowl wisk all ingredients until salts are dissolved
Take pork roast and with a knife make several deep holes in meat to place whole cloves of garlic in, also will all ow the marinade to enter.
rub the marinade on all surfaces. place on spit and in rotissiere and I always figure about 22 - 25 minutes per pound for pork start for 3 hours add as needed.
Using a new, clean paint brush or a marinade brush, every 30 minutes or so reapply the marinade to roast.
Roast is done when meat pulls away from bone tips, and skin is potato chip crisp, and if memory serves me ( I seldom use meat thermometers) internal temp around 165
take off heat, and allow to " rest " for approx 10 minutes to allow the juices inside meat to redistribute throughout the roast .
Picante sauce
in a blender place
2 tomatias
large handful of fresh cilantro
juice from 1 lemon
salt & pepper to taste
red wine vinegar 2 oz
olive oil 4 oz
roma tomato 1 or 2
for heat add your threshold of heat jalapeno, serano, habanero
blend all ingredients untill pureed into a smooth creramy sauce
serve roast with wraps I liked the cheese and jalapeno wraps, place pork in wrap, place Picante sauce on pork. close the wrap and enjoy. :drinks:
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