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The article "suggests" that the robotic bees will "perhaps" soon be out pollinating flowers, mimicking a full working hive, etc. What a crock!

There is much research going on in finding how insects and birds fly, navigate, etc. This stuff has been going on since the 70's. They has a working flying "spy" insect already out there that wieghs 1/3 of an ounce, can fly 6 miles, and relay back pictures. And what tasks do this robotic insects do? Recon into enemy areas, seeking troop movements, bombs, etc.

Once the private sector gets them, Police, Rescue, and a host of other agencies, will use them for their benefit. That may include gathering information into high risk areas such as "protected" feilds...can you say drug search!

This type P.R., is designed to gather public support, justify the millions spent, and for a host of other reasons. But I'll state it right now, it will not come to robotic bees pollinating flowers. That is fluff and a writers opinion on a lack of understanding into what these insect robots can do, will do, etc.

The article is junk, for the angle and suggestions it makes. Yes, there are programs for robotic insects, and they are developed further along then most realize. But none of them are from the angle that these robots will be pollinating flowers. What a crock to even suggest that. The writer is an idiot!
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