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As one of the sponsors for this forum, we would like to offer the members of this forum a discount on bulk pine / gum rosin.

Beekeepers Forum members will get a discount of $3.25/lb on orders of 1 (55 lb) bag up to 6 (55 lb) bags. That amounts to $22 savings per 55 lb bag. Shipping is around .55/ lb.

You can order up to the 6 bags directly from our website. The coupon code is BEE325

This discount only applies to the Amber Pine Rosin 1-6 (55 lb) bag orders.

The place to enter the coupon code in the right hand column when you "view or edit" your cart.

Any orders over 6 bags, you will need to contact us directly for a quote as we offer further price breaks based on the larger quantities.

Hope this is helpful!

Happy New Year from JUST ROSIN!
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