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    A farmer, leaned up against the bar, in the local watering hole, overheard a man bragging about his mule. The man claimed that the mule could do just about anything. He was smart, a hard worker, traffic safe, broke to single and double harness, noisy machinery didn't bother him,.... :thumbsup:The man kept going on and on. The farmer couldn't take it any more, he bought the mule right there and then.
    Two weeks later, the farmer was back at the bar, complaining about that stupid, lazy mule. He had caused more grief than he was worth, and that he would shoot him, if he hadn't cost so much.:mad:
    The farmer went back to the men's room and the man that sold him the mule followed him back, and said
    " you aren't ever going to sell that mule, talking about him that way!"