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I build my own Screen bottom boards.

I call this Billy & Bob boards, fellow club members as they were the ones who gave me the plans.
This is what it looks like all finished and painted. I stain mine totally before installing the screen and rails.

45 degrees the angle of the side rail front where the landing board goes.
picture goes here/img]

This is a mistake, Run one rail throught the saw one way and switch ends on the next one. Or just simply cut the angles after the flashing groves are finished.


How long the side rails are.

The front brace that goes between the rails. Also is made with a 2x4 but I installed a front flashing rest . I now just cut a slot in the front brace.

The tail uses the same measurements between the rails as the front, except it is half as deep (1 1/2"). I had some problems with critters pulling the flashing down in the baqck so made some expermintal ones last fall with two back braces.

The landing board.

The flashing sizes. I now use a bit heavier galvenized flashing.

Three in use. They are tough after many years of useing ratchet straps to tie the hives on them for moving I have not had one fail yet.
In a problem area I even closed off the lower entrance and made a entrance below the intercover.

:mrgreen: Al
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