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buy a used hive and set it up near the vault.
it will smell like home and they may move in.
You can other wise catch the queen and relocate her and a sufficient number of bees.
Save some of the comb (hopefully brood) from the vault to hang in the new hive.
Brood will bind the bees to the new box, it would be very hard to get them to leave it.

Contact your local bee club for help and they often used gear.
Call the beekeepers again and ask them to come and set a swarm trap to coax them up out of the hole they are in. They use lure scent inside the trap to help pull them into it. IF the beekeepers are local the bees will be too as they range from 5-8 miles out away from the hive to find nectar. And, your beekeepers will be happy to have another FREE package of bees!
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