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This is a seller from Slovenia, which sells Slovenian beehives.
High quality production and the product and the most favorable price in Slovenia for $ 169 piece. Here is an email for contact: [email protected]

The hives are made from high quality spruce, which is technically in an industrial kiln dried at elevated temperatures and properly conditioned at 12% humidity. Priority technical cured / dried wood is uniformly distributed mainly in the residual moisture in the structure of wood and 100% destruction of all wood destroyers (fungi and insects), which is in the air-dried wood is often placed in a manufactured beehive and was subsequently calcified foci formation fry.
Technically dried wood must be received by the machine tool as soon as possible and the shortest route, which shall be paid great attention.
All hives are protected by the production of modified linseed oil. Thus, as a completely natural oil coating very efficiently impregnate wood surface and thereby prevents further absorption of moisture from the air. Also humidity is a factor which ensures optimal conditions for the development of various species of fungi and the rot, as well as dimensional changes which are also undesirable. In the technological process of surface treatment make sure that the door is a hive coated on the inside. Awakening after winter (in the early development of the colonies), the doors are particularly vulnerable to high humidity. When the moisture condensation on the door very good, it is necessary to the door and wipe the inside of the open sunny weather to dry out.
Hives are used for bonding high-quality water-resistant adhesives that do not contain harsh and toxic substances and no danger of emissions. One of such adhesives in which there is a risk of emissions glues containing toxic and formaldehyde are used in industry for bonding panels and particle board. In the event of such adhesives, such emissions have often been the cause of aggression and nervousness colonies.
The hives are used predominantly plastic stalls that do not corrode, using formic or oxalic acid in the control of varroa. If desired, also galvanized.
Parent grid in the hives is wired and framed in a wooden frame, which provides natural strength and good sealing on the media.
Pitalniki are made of pine wood and water-resistant MDF. Pitalnika bottom of the inclined towards the inside of the hive by 5 degrees to ensure that all the sugar syrup flow in kanalček the network. Network pitalnika away from the back plate 10 mm, which in turn ensures the smooth movement of bees without danger to the bees drowned. Pitalnika interior is infiltrated with a mixture of paraffin, which prevents the wood is impregnated with sugar syrup, which subsequently leads indirectly to the bees can damage fibreboard or MDF board pitalnika.

Height 625 mm
Width 378 mm
Depth 620 mm

Weight 26 kg

Option for larger quantity of container shipping by carrier ship
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