SHB oil trap results

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    First let me say that all of you that do not have SHB yet, May God bless and keep you, I have been seeing a lot of oil traps using a screen bottom board, but I was not sure if they would work. I had a hive that got into a sprayed field this summer ( 2 July). I have been working with that hive all summer to get them queen right and going again. SHB and wax moths both have been a problem. I went into the hive on Tues to check to see if my queen that the bees raised with a frame of eggs I gave them was laying. I saw 10 or more adult SHB's in the hive. I decided it was time to try the oil trap. I took a screen bottom board that I had extra and added a 1" rail to the bottom on the sides and front of the bottom board creating a three sided box on the bottom. I covered the bottom with tempered Masonite from Home Depot that I use to make division feeders. Now I have a box, I used aluminum flashing to create a pan to slide in my three sided bottom box. I riveted the corners and sealed with silicone. The back lip is higher so when I slide the pan in it seals bee tight on the back. In three hours there were 9 SHB' in the trap. After 24 hrs I looked and have included some pics of what I found. I will be building these for all of my hives. I don't treat my hives with chemicals just IPM so this will I hope take one more stress off of my bees. The trap was built out of scrap treated lumber that I had and the flashing I use to cover my tele covers. If I had bought all of the material I figure I would have had $4.00 including the oil that is a pretty cheap stress reliever. I have a lot of places that I can put bees that are shaded. I have not put bees there because of the SHB. I hope that this might open up a lot of yards for me to use in the future. Yesterday I built one from scratch placed it on a hive this morning and caught 6 SHB's in ten min.