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signs of skunks

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The picture below is a classic picture of skunk problems. The green box was just placed to take the place of a much weaker hive, as the skunks kept bothering it. But the signs you can see is the muddy scrapes in front of the hive, and the trampled down vegetation.

Skunks will pick on the same colony night after night until it is killed, usually by being robbed out after it becomes very weak.

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Thanks for the photos. The only skunks we have here are two legged ones, but the the 4 legged ones are 50 miles in all 4 directions, so we will have in a few years.
Does anyone know....does the whole aspirin in an egg thing work for skunks or is that an urban legend?

And I have cats, so will this anyway harm them if they find an egg?
The legend says it works on cats as well as skunks. As for the validity of it all, I don't know. It is usually posted as skunks for PR, but aimed at feral cats.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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