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small cell bees

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I posted earlier in another topic, about 4.9 mm bees, and of course there is no debate that bees naturally build cells of varying sizes from 4.8 -5.8mm Apparently there is some science to support the benefits of small cell brood cells. Just today I entered 4.9 mm bee in yahoo search-found many sites more then one were either posting results or conducting tests. The short of it is that apparently the pupation stage of the smaller bee is significantly shorter--by 2 days--egg to adult in 19 days. This according to the research they conducted disrupts the life cycle of the varroa mites apparently they havent mautred enough to have mated or lay their own eggs, and the bees have access to them. Seems that this coupled with the use of drone brood frames useful in really knocking down varroa mite populations. Again according to whats currently published on the net
I was unable to return to the site stating the shortened life cycle, when I find it again I will post it.
Again as I always say, these are not something written in stone--yet but make sense when corraberated.
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BjornBee said:
I have been hammered for years stepping on toes about overblown hype regarding smallcell beekeeping, including past claims that forcing bees on UNNATURAL smallcell was "natural", which it is NOT!
All curealls should be met w/ skepticism. That's how smallcell started. People were skeptical about cell size of embosed foundation. Now there are all sorts of wheel reinventions going on.
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