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Here in Central Arkansas I had all my Hives inspected in 3 bee yards March 10, 2014.
I had beetle barn traps baited with a jelled roach bait.
There was no way a bee could get to the bait.
I had several dead beetles in each trap.
What he said was the state of Arkansas is coming down hard on the inspectors to look for unauthorized chemicals in a hive.
He did say the only thing that was USDA and State of Arkansas approved was Check Mite Strips cut into pieces and placed inside the beetle traps.
They will turn any unauthorized chemical use in to the state and the state would in turn, forward it to the USDA and then they'd come down on the beekeeper.
The inspector told me to beware what information I get on the internet.
So it looks like oil traps or check Mite strips.
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