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Small Hive Beetle

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I'm guessing these larve are small hive beetle, not wa worm. I removed the frame from my cut out and froze it for two days then put it back in......should I do anything else?

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below zero wont kill?.......what to do then?
I'll go back in tommorrow and look...too bad I already put it back in...DOH. Raining right now so I better not go look.
Hey Idee....what should I do about this? It is gonna be 65 today so Im planning on going back in.

tons of spam this am, whats up with that?
just leave frame in the sun?....will they crawl away?

The freezing seems to have worked. Dead larve on the landing board, and the comb is almost, that was quick
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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