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Small Hive Beetle

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I'm guessing these larve are small hive beetle, not wa worm. I removed the frame from my cut out and froze it for two days then put it back in......should I do anything else?

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Sorry to see that.

Yes those are SHB.

Do not put any more comb back in the hive that the bees can not cover or protect.

BTW, I have froze SHB larvae for 24 hours, and watched them come back to life. ;)
Not sure how cold my freezer was. And I only did it for 24 hours. I suppose there is a temp and time period that will kill them. Maybe two days at below 0 will, where my one day at somewhere below 32 did not.

I know the larvae were solid frozen, but perhaps another day would of worked better.
Just remember about not putting too much comb on in the brood chamber that the bees can not defend. They are mainly after the brood comb with pollen.

SHB like sandy soil and shade locations. Put the hives in full sun and look into putting down a big rubber tarp under your hives. You can sprinkle something Borax around the edges. It will kill the larvae if they get that far.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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