Smart Hive for Beekeepers _ General Questions

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    I am a graduate student at Purdue University. I am interested in working with beekeepers, especially hobbyists and part-time beekeepers, to develop a smart, multisensory beehive that uses various types of data (e.g., video, audio, temperature, weight, and so on) to estimate the state of a bee colony and help them monitor their hives continuously. It would be very helpful if you can share your experience by answering the following questions:

    1- How would you describe your experience with the beehive you are currently using?

    a. Likes: What are some of the things, if any, you LIKE about your beehive?
    b. Dislikes: What are some of the things, if any, you DISLIKE about the beehive?
    c. Improvements: Anything you think should be improved?

    2- Imagine if you were the designer of this intelligent beehive:

    a. What will you include in it to better assist you with the beekeeping practice?
    b. What do you want to monitor, and what data is helpful?

    Thank You in Advance!
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    are you going to pay me for my time and answers??