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I thought it would be fun to have a thank you button to give those extra helpful folks some recognition as well as giving those that don't post often a way to say thank you without having to post.

There is now a button at the bottom of every post that will allow you to thank someone that looks like this:


Once a "thanks" has been given it will display a bar listing the members that thanked the poster. After you thank someone the button will turn into a "remove thanks" button. This is handy if you accidentally click the button on the wrong post. Here's what it looks like when someone thanks a post:


There are also a couple of new options in your user control panel. You can choose to have a PM or email sent to you if someone thanks your post. These are set to "no" by default so if you want notifications you'll need to change these settings:


Please keep in mind that this isn't a competition! I hope you all have fun with this new addition to the forum. If you have any trouble with it or have questions post them here or contact an admin / mod.


Q: The thank you button doesn't show up when I post a new topic.
A: The thank you button only shows up under other people's posts (you can't thank yourself)



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I think that this is a briliant idea. There are a lot of members of the forum who write posts fully deserving of a "Thank you".
Now we can call ourselves not only the friendliest bee forum but the most polite one too. :clap:
BTW--I made the mistake of writing this comment and then clicking on the thank you button before I sent it. The comment got erased and I had to write it again (no great sweat). For future reference, those wanting to thank and add a posting should click thank first and then write their post.
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