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One of my big hives swarmed two days ago.It was fairly easy to get them and I was able to put them in a hive body.I had planned to make some splits yesterday so after catching the swarm I was hoping to find some swarm cells in the hive that swarmed.When I opened the hive I found a lot of bees and plenty of cells.I was also able to find the new queen,so all seems to be well.I began putting together nukes and as I was putting them together the queen cells began to hatch.I wound up with three new queens and splits from that hive.
I opened one of my other large hives and was able to pull some frames of honey and brood to add to those splits.I then went into another strong hive and found them queenless,don't know what happened to her she had been doing well,but any way found a lot of superceedure cells and found a new virgin queen.I was then able to pull some queen cells and make two more splits.Those queen cells also hatched as we were making the nukes.
I was able to make five splits and I had only planned on mabe three.I guess the droans will be buisy for a while.I'll keep you updated on how all of this works out.I don't medicate and three splits are from a swarm I caught last year and two are from Buckfast queens from Canada.
Jim <><
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Now that's well timed beekeeping. Thanks for the report.
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