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    We are proud to offer nucs from Jester Bees this spring. These nucs will be ready around 5/1/12. They are all 5 frame deeps housed in the Jester Bee EZ Nucs [a $10.00 value]. Almost all frames are new [less than 1 year old] most will be Pierco frames. All nucs guaranteed to have a good laying queen grafted from the new Pol-line Italian, a minimum of 2 frames of brood and 4 frames of bees. Many will be stronger. There will be no frame exchange.

    BEGINNERS SPECIAL: Starter Hive $135.00 with the purchase of a nucleus hive [priced separately].
    Hive includes:
    Bottom board
    10 frame Hive body
    Inner cover
    Outer cover
    5 PF-100 plastic frames [you will get 5 frames in your nuc]
    Stainless Steel smoker
    Round top veil
    10" hive tool
    Assembly and staining $10 extra.

    A $75.00 deposit per nuc is required to order these nucs. You may send check or money order to:
    Circle7 Honey & Pollination
    47 Elmwood St
    Millbury, MA 01527

    You may also order on line using PayPal on our website:

    Prices are as follows:
    1 nuc $125.00
    2-10 nucs $120.00
    11-99 nucs $115.00
    100+ nucs $100.00

    If there are enough orders we will have an earlier delivery around April 1- 10/2011. Prices will be $10 more per nuc added to above prices.

    Will deliver [feel free to pool orders and have delivered to one location]:
    20+ nucs less than 50 mile one way $3.00/ea
    20+ nucs 51 - 100 miles one way $5.00/ea