Stange color on comb

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Jesse Young, Mar 5, 2020.

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    It finally warmed up enough to check on my hives... I have been worried about a coupe since I haven't been able to see any of the usual spring activity on the outside of the hives. Today i opened up the hives and found that there was still plenty of honey in the comb in areas of the hive, but there is a blueish tinge covering the comb, almost like it has been frosted. Does any one know what this is? I don't think it is a mold since it doesn't scrape off the comb... The hive is still hanging on, but barely. I did see the queen in the hive, so I am hoping that the hive will rebound now that it is warming. If anyone has any ideas what the coloring on the comb is, it would be very helpful.
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    sounds like mold?