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Swarm at 8:55 in the morning

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So I'm out looking for the first monarch butterfy caterpillers this morning on the milkweed plants, and I hear the distinct roar coming from the bee yard. Yep, a swarm. :eek:

As a side note....I was told and it was lectured in a HAS bee class last week that queens ONLY mate between 1 pm and 5 pm. Imagine that!

In an class apiary inspection, around 11:00, it was asked what could we conclude if we could not find the queen, especially if she was a virgin. I responded that she may be out mating. And was quickly corrected that queens don't mate at that time of the day. Then later in the classroom lecture, it was clearly stated that queens only mate between 1 and 5.

Guess my bees don't read the books..... :lol: Swarms are not supposed to issue at 8 in the morning either.. :roll:
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The connection of swarming and the mating time of queens you ask? OH, let not your heart be troubled, or pained by the nitpicking ventures of the journey of the discussion at hand. Who connected them? Does not a discussion take make forms, twists and angles? I would not waste much time on such matters of uncertanty.

I merely mentioned swarming due to the fact that many books also mention a "timeframe" (my definition differs from that so-called 98% explanation stated above) when swarms occur.

I pointed out the 1 pm to 5 pm that was made (more than once) at HAS as something that was not suggestive of "Perhaps", "usually", "probably" or anything of the matter. It was stated as clear as day and in black and white terms......."Queens mate between 1 pm and 5 pm". This coming from a well versed beekeeper with very strong credentials.

This is not a scientific study that needs to discount probabilities and variations to the finding at hand. It is instructing new beekeepers that queens NEVER mate outside 1 pm and 5 pm....which is absolutely false, and should be gaurded against in making such incorrect statements. The edges of the bell curve usually go for a period beyond incorrect statements such as those noted.

I would of felt much better if a statement such as "Queens normally mate between 1 pm and 5 pm, but that is not set in concrete. They have been known (I know) to mate at other times".

You can rationalize, slice and dice, and pick the comments all day long. Queens do not mate ONLY between 1 pm and 5 pm. That is wrong, and new beekeepers should be told that. If your inspecting your hive at 11 am or 12:55 pm, and can not find that just newly emerged queen in the hive, there IS a possibility she is out mating. DO NOT assume she is missing. DO NOT jump on the phone and order a new one. DO NOT take such statements as FACT, because the bees will prove you wrong. That statement is true..... ;)
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No demeaning intended tec. I write as if you were sitting next to me drinking a beer. ;) Don't sweat the small stuff.

The statement MAY be true. True. But I was not the one making concrete statements. I was making statements that may or not be true, in explaining the other guys comments, that were set in stone, and ARE false. It was not whether the facts made the coment true or false for this one example. Yes, it may or may not of been true. But I know saying that the queen could NOT be out of the hive at 11 am on a sunny 75 degree day, and that queens ONLY mate between 1 and absolutely incorrect. That was the point being made.

Guessing whether she was in the hive or not was not the point.

Stating that she could not be outside the hive at 11 am and that she only leaves between 1 and 5 pm was the point at hand.
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