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Swarm cell sighted in Pennsylvania

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I went through about 75 hives today. A couple hives were five boxes (ok,, a lazy beekeeper did not take off the supers last fall) they had wall to wall with bees. For Mid-April and no feeding, that is amazing. I wish they all were like that... ;)

And in two hives, swarm cells!

Seems early, especially when I was scraping ice off the truck this morning.... ;)
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Dat's dem dang yankee bees. Dey not smart 'nuff to know it's too early. :p :lol:
Dem der Yankee bees are hardy stock and don't need to wait for any wimpy 50 degree "warm weather" to swarm! The early swarm gets the best homestead!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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