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Swarm queen quality???

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If you find a swarm queen prior to her departure, and cage her, would she be any less of a good queen for requeening another hive or even possibly for resale?

I know the colony as a whole dictates much as to swarming, but would such a queen be more prone to just swarming from another hive a bit later?

Thank you.
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If that is the swarm queen, I would think she would be just fine for putting in another hive. She has already proven herself that she is a viable layer because the population has built up to the point of swarming. The genetics has somewhat proven itself as survivors against mites and beetles and moths and ....and ..... well you get the point.
Of course this is providing you were managing the bees some what.

As far as resale to someone you did not know or shipping it out, NO. Most likely there would not be a thing wrong with her but your reputation as a queen breeder and seller is on the line here. If it was the local kid or guy down the road that needed a queen in a hurry just give it to them with the understanding that it is an old queen, but then you would be close to help out anyway.

Just my thinking, I am sure someone will correct it shortly :D

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