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Iddee so much for making my nuc LOL - i had a swarm today and was actually walking down to the hives with the fella that was going to help me make the nuc - the purpose of making the nuc was to help prevent the swarm cause there was just a lot of bees in the hive - well guess what i saw when we pulled up to the hives - it was waist high in a small oak tree 10 feet from the hive - ronnie said it was probably a 5 or 6 lbs bunch of bees too - i put a complete new hive in front of them cut the limb and laid it down in front of the entrance and they crawled right in - turned it to face the sun and put it up on blocks - so much for the nuc HAHA - ronnie allen the fella that was with me told me to watch my other big hive because it will swarm next and soon he said -it had 3 queen cells in the middle of the hive - to look at the hives though they still have a lot of bees in them - except the nuc i got late last year but its coming along very good too ----- so much for keeping my operation small :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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