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Swarm Trap

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Ok, I built 2 swarm traps. Why ? I really don't know ! :roll:

5 medium frame;
Built out of 1/2 in lumber, ends & bottom & 3/16 wood paneling sides, these are very light.
Haveing nothing else to do, I also made 2 medium hives to place on top, had to make hooks to secure them together, will also use duct tape around the seams, 3/16 paneling is kinda flimsey.

Now my Question, I have enough drawn comb for the bottoms, do I really need the tops, I have undrawn frames for the top if need be.

Still wondering why I'm doing this, don't need any more bees. :?

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Definitely put all the frames in that they will hold. One drawn frame, as old as possible, even solid black. The other frames can be drawn, foundation, or starter strips, or a mixture.

Why do it??? Because one of your neighbors will give you a hundred fifty bucks for your unwanted hive. That's why.
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