swarm traping guidlines

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    I am interested in setting out some traps in the odd chance of catching some get away bees, what do I need to do and when? Thanks Boots
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    Here is some information we send out to customers.

    The following suggestions are based on studies on swarm trap research. They are suggestions based on improving your success and to optimize your efforts. Many beekeepers have caught swarms in just about any kind of trap, in conditions less than ideal to the bees. The suggestions are based on studies that have shown bees have particular preferences, and will choose one trap over another IF multiple sites are available to the honey bees.

    Honey Bees…..

    * prefer a swarm trap (colony location) about 8 to 15 feet off the ground.

    * will disregard a trap with light coming in from above.

    * prefer a trap equivalent to a cavity size slightly larger than a deep brood

    * will select sites in the afternoon shade. They may abandon a site within a
    few days if in full sun and heat is an issue.

    * prefer bait hives with entrances facing south.

    * will not take up residence in a bait hive that has other insects in them.
    Keep them free of wasps, yellow jackets, etc.

    * prefer a bait hive that is dry.

    * prefer a previously used site that has a honey bee smell of old comb, or
    one that has baited with bee scent.

    We hope you have success.